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No wired connection - No Internet - on RedHat

My thought process into troubleshooting this issue.


Earlier it was perfectly well able to connect to the Internet but all of a sudden, it stopped on a reboot. And, I noticed there was missing the "Wired" connection icon. So I dug in.

Troubleshooting Methodology:

So my first instinct was to check the status of the Network Manager using sudo systemctl status NetworkManagerbut it seemed fine.

Network Manager Status

So I tried restarting it: sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager but that didn't help.

My second instinct was to see if the NIC was detected and its modules were loaded properly. So I tried sudo lspci -nn | grep -i net. It made me confident to see that the modules were properly loaded.

Then, I tried: sudo lshw -C network. And, there is the problem. It seems the network card is down.

So I then identified the network interface that is ens160 using the ifconfig command.

Then, I ran these commands in order:

sudo ifconfig ens160 up
sudo dhclient ens160
sudo nmcli networking off
sudo nmcli networking on

That's all. It worked!!

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